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  • Developer: Epic Systems Corporation
  • Genre: Medicine
  • Version: 9.8.3
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Epic Systems Corporation
Epic Systems Corporation
Windows PC, Mac, IOS, Android


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Mychart App for Windows by Cleveland Clinic

Abbie Bravo

MyChart is an online health application developed by Mayo Clinic. It’s a health care service for people who are new to Mayo Clinic or live outside of Rochester, Minnesota. This application offers direct access to Mayo Clinic's doctors and nurses. Is an application for patients of University of Wisconsin. It offers a variety of features for patients to use as they go through their healthcare journey. Patients use app to take care of their medical needs from anywhere. Offers a lot of features MyChart login for user, but the general idea is to keep user as self-sufficient as possible. Is a free medical MyChart app download application offered by the Cleveland Clinic. MyChartwas designed for patients who want to manage their health by keeping track of their health records and medical information. Offers a variety of features and options for managing and viewing medical information.

MyChart gives patients access to their medical records via an online interface. Software product enables them to request appointments, refill prescriptions, view lab results. Interface is easy to navigate and intuitive. Is a web-based MyChart application and it’s a part of the Epic Care application used by the medical system of United States. Software product is designed for patients of medical system and it’s used for the following purposes:

  • To create a personal profile with the following information: name, date of birth, allergies, medications, other services.
  • To view medical records.
  • To update personal information and update medications.
  • To view the list of appointments and cancel or find more information about it.
  • To find a doctor and book an appointment.
  • To send messages and request appointments.


Interface is simple and easy to use. Color scheme is light and calming. Is well-organized and it’s very easy to navigate. All menus are located in left sidebar. Design of download MyChart app is modern and sleek. Iinterface of app is very straightforward. Main screen shows your Mayo Clinic ID, followed by a list of all the doctors you have access to. You then view their profiles, see when they are available for an appointment, chat with them, or request an email. The interface for MyChart app Windows is easy to use and features a well-organized navigation. Users are prompted to input their medical history, which is helpful for doctors to make decisions about the patient’s care. Provides a social networking feature that allows patients to connect with other patients and share their medical experiences. Navigation through the app is easy to follow interface is very intuitive.


The app is very easy to use. The navigation is simple and app is organized in a user-friendly way. Navigation is intuitive and it’s not very difficult MyChart download to find what the user is looking for. Does not have a significant learning curve it’s easy to use even for a new user. Is designed to be very intuitive. After you log in, software product automatically knows who your primary care physician is. You then choose which doctors you want to have access to. On main screen, you see the next available appointment time, the availability of your doctors, when they are available. Software product is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. It’s very easy to see where you are in software product how to get back to where you were. Software product has a clean, modern design that is easy to use.


Software product provides a lot of functionality for a patient. It’s easy to update personal information and the list of appointments is very extensive. Software product MyChart offers a lot of support in form of online chat and a call center. Provides users MyChart PC with the ability to chat with their doctors, schedule appointments, request emails, update their personal information. There are links to Mayo Clinic's directory, their health directory, their community health directory. Software product has a lot of functionality. It be used to view doctor's notes, lab results, medication lists, more. There are a number of features that allow users to interact with their doctor via the software product or to request an appointment.


The app offers a lot of support in different forms. The support is provided in different languages and it’s available 24/7. Support is provided by a team of specialists in different fields. Software product MyChart free download is free and be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


  • What is purpose of this application?
    This application is designed to help people track effectiveness of their medication.
    Main features of myChart Application are:
    • Create medication
    • Start Tracking
    • Check Finished Tracking
    • Export Data
  • How do I create a medication?
    You create a medication by typing it in search bar or selecting it from one of pre-existing categories.
  • How do I start tracking?
    You start tracking by clicking "start tracking" on the medication on the main page.
  • How do I check my finished tracking?
    You check finished tracking by clicking "finished" on the medication on main page.
  • How do I export my data?
    You export your data by clicking "export data" on medication on the main page.


MyChart app is a very useful and helpful app. It’s a perfect tool for a patient and it offers a lot of useful features. It be accessed through a browser on a computer or through the Mayo Clinic Mobile app. Application has a lot of functionality and is easy to navigate. MyChart is a great fertility tracking and charting app that is easy to use and understand. It’s great for couples who are trying to conceive and it’s very easy to use. Downside to this app is that it’s very expensive and it does not include any fertility treatments.


  • Program is easy to use and has a very user-friendly interface;
  • It’s great for charting and tracking fertility;
  • It’s a great option for couples trying to conceive;
  • It’s easy to use understand.


  • Program is very expensivel
  • Program is not designed for single individualsl
  • It does not include any treatment for infertility.

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